The leader of the BioPiex research group, Dr Alfonso Martínez Nova, conducted a study that demonstrates that KINESIA’s compression socks act on the ankle joint to yield enhanced stability and improved balance across three distinct scenarios.

Thanks to its proven effectiveness and functionality, KINESIA's high-compression socks have been classified as Class 1 of Medical Device and has obtained the CE Certification.

Test 1: Balance At Rest

Wearing KINESIA compression socks effectively limits the displacement of the centre of gravity, resulting in a notable improvement in balance. This enhanced balance is sustained even after continuous use for 8 hours.

Test 2: Balance During Running

KINESIA compression socks provide individuals with heightened balance during and after a race. Test results show that KINESIA’s performance delivers a substantial decrease in anteroposterior motion compared to conventional compression socks, after a running session. This enhancement in balance holds exceptional value for runners who are vulnerable to injuries that stem from falls and ankle sprains.

Test 3: Balance for Older Adults

When older individuals wear KINESIA socks featuring Sensory Technology, their balance experiences a remarkable boost. This enhanced balance promotes stability and safety, significantly reducing the risk of accidental falls for more susceptible elderly wearers.