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K319 – Kinesia Ski-Pr Graduated Compression Socks

K319 – Kinesia Ski-Pr Graduated Compression Socks

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Made in Italy

Kinesia socks are designed and produced in Italy.

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High performance long sock, promotes venous outflow, increases resistance, improves performance, reduces the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and accelerates post-workout recovery. The patented support guarantees stability and prevents the occurrence of injuries and micro-traumas. The light padding in the support areas guarantees maximum protection and minimum bulk. In SILVER DRYSTAT polypropylene, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, water repellent and heat insulating, it guarantees warm and dry feet.

Graduated compression 20-30mmHg long sock.

The elastic compression of its exclusive structure facilitates venous and lymphatic outflow, exercising a draining micro-massage starting from the plantar arch up to beyond the calf. The interlaced support with patented elastic structure stimulates the proprioceptive system in the ankle-arch area, improves motor control, gives greater stability and balance, increases sports performance, speeds up recovery, prevents ankle sprain, relieves pain and promotes post-traumatic recovery.

The low-density padding offers protection and comfort to the impact zones with minimal bulk.

Material : Antibacterial and anti-odour fabric. Thanks to the silver molecules present in the fibre, the effect remains even after numerous washes.

Composition : 50% Polyamide 42% Polypropylene Silver DRYSTAT 8% Elastane.

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The high compression of the KINESIA sock, characterized by a  patented structure with interlaced ankle-arch support  stimulates the ankle proprioceptive system, thus guaranteeing many advantages:

- improves balance and stability

- improve posture

- improves motor control

- helps prevent ankle sprains

- accelerates post-traumatic recovery from ankle sprain

Proprioception is the ability to perceive and recognize the position of the body and limbs in space without the support of vision, both while maintaining static postures and during movement.

It is a complex neurophysiological mechanism, activated by specific receptors present in the muscle, joints and skin, which send signals to some areas of the brain.

These sensory signals have been named proprioceptive after their discoverer, Charles Scott Sherrington, physician, neurophysiologist, pathologist, English poet and winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1932.

Our proprioceptive system is continuously activated and allows us to carry out the movement during the execution of the technical gestures characteristic of each sport, such as the support in running, the jump in volleyball, the quick change of direction in basketball, tennis and in football, the uphill and downhill flexion-extension during trekking or walking on the green by the golf player.

Those with problems with the proprioceptive system caused by trauma to the joints or degenerative pathologies of the nervous system can have uncertain movement, increasing the risk of falls and injuries.

Thanks to the pressure, KINESIA socks stimulate the proprioceptors of the ankle, and improve motor control with all the resulting benefits.

Sensory Technology: well-being and comfort during all sports activities. Patented by KINESIA, the structure of interlaced elastic fabric offers support to the ankle without restricting its movement, and avoids the use and encumbrance of ankle braces or bandages.

Silver Drystat® Polypropylene is breathable and antibacterial.The silver molecules contained in the fibre inhibit the formation of bacteria and bad smells, and guarantee a lasting effect of the bacteriostatic agent even after washing.